Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Reservations" Step Four

I went to the studio and just stared for a while—I wasn't sure what I was doing there. I picked up some magazines that were laying about and tore some pictures out of them. It all seemed to move so slowly.

And I'm not sure about my working title anymore. It's going to take some thought.

This is a difficult collage for me because the potential meanings are limitless. When doing a search about Pinocchio, Wikipedia told me that his shirt was made from a flower-patterned paper and that his hat was made out of bread. Hmmmmn, that doesn't really do me any good. But I also learned that he may have been a misunderstood character, that his nose didn't just grow when he told a lie, but also when he was stricken with anxiety.

Pinocchio means something to me—I'm not sure what. He's made of wood, so he's not really in tune with his senses. He's a puppet, so he's not really in control, and he's not real, though he has dreams of becoming real.

Back to the work tonight. I was doing more visual design stuff than storytelling. Somethings were standing out too much. Others were just unimportant. I took some chances. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow. As the piece progresses now, the changes may become harder and harder to see, so hopefully my audience won't get bored with my postings.

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