Monday, July 07, 2008

My Latest Creation

A few months back my husband and
I got a little surprise. I've waited until the first trimester was
over and all the family were told before posting. Yup, I'm pregnant!
Of course, some of you already know that. Still, I thought it would
be good to let you know what's keeping Denishé hats so busy—and
not with hats. We've had doctor's appointments and ultrasounds and
we've been traveling around trying to tell as many people in person
as possible.

I've got the summer to make hats and grow my belly. My next show will
be Open Studios here at ArtSpace Maynard on October 4th and 5th.
That will probably be my last show for 2008. The baby is due in
November, and as I have some back problems I'll probably have to
take it easy toward the end there. Not sure what will happen in
the spring—I figured I'd play it by ear and see how I'm taking to
this mothering thing. ;-)

Here are the FAQs on the baby thing: We're not finding out the baby's
gender. We don't have any names picked out. When we do come up with a
name we probably won't make it public—everybody's got an opinion and
someone is bound to hate what we choose. People are welcome to send us
name ideas. The baby is due Nov. 20th. Yes, I'll probably end up making
more kid and baby hats as a result of this.

I hope you're having a good summer and wearing lots of straw hats.