Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Denishé at the Peabody Essex Museum Shop!

I just checked my blog and realized that I hadn't posted in so long—how had I forgotten?

I have managed to land on Planet Luck. I never even asked how she heard about me, but one of the buyers from The Peabody Essex Museum boutique contacted me about making some hats for their store. The hats would be sold during their upcoming show about the history and marvels of millinery.

This is a great opportunity.

What's funny is that just a couple of weeks before, I was talking to my studio mate and saying, "You know, I think I'm going to do what my husband suggested—don't worry so much about selling hats, just make the stuff I want to make." I was going to slow down, maybe do some more painting, and make really fantastic, but slow-paced headwear.

How could I say no to the request from the Peabody Essex? I couldn't. Especially when she said these magic words, and I paraphrase: "I want you to make us your most-creative hats. I don't want anything that I've seen in stores. I want unique, fun, colorful. Oh, and by the way, we'll pay you for them." I looked around to see if there might be hidden cameras. Was this some kind of joke?

It was not. And now I find myself in the process of making about twenty-five hats by August first. I'm thrilled, though a little bummed about the painting. I'll get over that. It's just so exciting to think that I'll have my hats in such a lovely place, in a wonderful gift shop, and among such talented milliners.

They really liked Liora's hat (that red hat there), so I'm making some like it for the museum. Liora is going to be wearing this to her son's Bar Mitzvah. Mazel Tov for both of us!

So wish me luck, as I set my head to making the absolute, most-best-beautiful-fantastic hats that I've ever made. And let's hope that lots of people get to go see this amazing show that has been traveling through Europe.