Friday, September 19, 2008

True in Blue

I want you to picture this woman wearing her mini top hat in grocery stores in Thailand—that's what she said she would do when she bought it last year before heading off for a year of studying abroad.

Mellington is no small character and if you meet her you'll never forget her. So I was pleased when she got in touch with me last year and was interested in buying a hat. She made stopping at my studio one of her things to do as she headed eastward from Olympia, WA.

Mellington's an artist, too. She's a metalsmith. You can see some of her work on her Web site, but please know that she's been slacking off while she's been traveling and the site is in need of update.

I love it when people really wear their hats. Mellington looks like she belongs in this, don't you think? She puts it on and it becomes part of her.

A Munchkin in a Hat

Well, Levi (my friends'Sara and Doug's baby) got his hat and it fit perfectly. It fit so well in fact, that I think I'm going to have to stretch it a little bit by the time the cold weather comes around. I certainly don't mind that. He looks so cute that it kills me. He's about three months old now.

Thanks for the pictures, Levi. The camera loves you!