Friday, April 15, 2011

Dreams After a Nap

When I don't get enough sleep I don't dream, which is a really unhealthy state for me. but I have found that if I take an afternoon nap it's usually loaded with dreams.

I'm still a little bleary-eyed from having just woken up (a bit in a panic because I thought I had slept forever) from a 1.5-hour nap. These were some of the cool visions that I had:

First scene: I decided that what I really needed to do in life was to stand on my head from time to time. I know I've dreamed this before. What could it mean—that I need a new perspective? That I'm looking a things all wrong? Doesn't really matter. So in this dream I just get out of my car (which is parked on the side of a somewhat busy road) and take up a kind of yogic headstand, with my elbows on the ground. I reached my legs high into the sky and could feel my spine strengthening and straightening. Things felt better. (Totally a dream. A bit like the impossibility of flying.)

Second scene: I am at a party that's at a flea market. It seems that by the hour more and more vendors are coming, so this thing is getting huge. There are lots of antiques for sale, slightly used, some art pieces, too. I am in a room drawing on vellum. I'm drawing in a style that I have never drawn in before. I draw a woman and flames. A woman comes to me to look through my drawings. She wants to see if I have one for her. I ask her to tell me about herself. She says, "Well, I have this condition that's kind of hard for people to understand, but it affects my whole body." And as she's telling me this I could feel some agitation building in my own body. And I could feel my head bobbing up and down in agreement, like I knew exactly what she was going to say. And as my agitation grew, I could feel myself rising and floating uncontrollably. I found myself trying to stay in my chair by holding it with my legs, but my body just kept floating or maybe getting longer. My head was up near the ceiling. She told me that she couldn't eat food anymore and that there was nothing more the doctors could do for her. She would live though, but she had to go in for "nutrient treatment" every so many weeks. "But the good side," she said, "I don't have to cook anymore. And I don't have to cook for anyone else, either." By this time, my body was completely out of control and I found myself saying, "You see, I have this condition that affects my whole body, it's kind of hard for people to understand..." And she walked away from me.

Third scene: There's going to be a battle of superheroes in the suburbs. But they're really just C or D-level superheroes, nobody anyone would have heard about. In fact, they kind of switch sides from time to time just to add to the drama in their mediocre superhero lives. They're all kind of middle-aged, too, maybe a little out of shape. The problem is they've all decided that they want to go after this one particular member of their cast, but they're all fighting over who gets to go first. The scene changed before I could have them drawing straws.

Scene four: I've been left with too much to carry and I'm staggering my way back out of the flea-market scene. A woman stops me to smell my breath because she thinks I'm drunk.

Scene five: I'm in Portugal drinking tea with some family members out of tiny little tea cups.

Scene six: My 50+ Uncle is in one of the vendor stalls at the flea market, only he's there listening to music and making up rap songs. I look over and see my sister. She's trying to make up a really funny DJ name for him—that's just like her.

That should do it. Dreams are strange and precious places where anything can happen and will. I need more naps.

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Heather said...

Dreams can be very telling. I once had one where I had to clean up after my mother's "accident" in a public rest room at the mall. Needless to say, she was giving me lots of sh&t at that time.

Lovely blog. Keep it up. No wait, go nap. :)