Thursday, April 28, 2011


I got the hat stuff that I needed to get done done today. Still more to do, but it had to wait. When I was done, I turned back to Pinocchio.

The energy that went into making this piece has taken a step back. I was reluctant to work on it—how could I be true to the energy that went into creating it if I wasn't feeling it? I gave it a shot, anyway. I think it was a good move. My head was a little clearer and I was able to bring the graphic designer in me to the table. Turns out that she has some insights. So I let her work and judge. She made good visual choices, made sense of some of the chaos, and definitely helped me with flow.

Here were some of the issues I faced this evening: I couldn't get the viewer's eyes up to the right hand corner—it seemed like I just kept getting caught up in all the color. The fairy on the left—I hated her, I think she might be evil. I wanted to remove her head, so I did. Then I gave her the suggestion of a head to soften her attitude. The upper left corner (top of the hat) was also a hard place to get out of, so I just made some design choices that I felt made sense. Now Pinocchio has some kind of beacon-bell-radar thingie. I guess he uses it for communicating his ideas since he doesn't seem to have a mouth. And then there was just a lot of tidying up of bits and pieces. Big struggle—the words. I'm not sure what I'm doing there. That may be the one area where I have to go back after some thought. I'm good with everything else though, for now

Again, I'd love to see some comments posted below. Many of you were nice enough to send me personal e-mails last time. I'd love to be able to keep the comments with the work.

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