Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Collage, Step 4

A few nights ago I went into the studio and started trashing my collage again. Out came the Sharpie® marker and I began to do a critique right on it. I wasn't very kind. I didn't bother photographing it because it included a lot of four-letter words.

On Sunday night I started covering up everything. There was a lot of dark there, and I didn't think I had earned it—you can't just go painting dark randomly. So there I was with my cheap paint brushes, using gesso as white (I love how chalky it is), and some of that burnt yellow that I never bother to remember the name of. I also decided to turn the thing horizontally.

My friend Paul gave me a call, and while we chatted about a storytelling event that we had done at ArtSpace Maynard, I painted randomly. It was a good move. I wasn't trying too hard. It was like I was painting in the periphery.

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