Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Collage "Outside": Step 5

My friend Paul decided that he'd come and see my older works and what I had been painting while we were on the phone. So that's what we did last night.

He's a writer—a storyteller—and he came with some short pieces he had written. I had a chalky yellow canvas and snippets of images that I was hoping to use at some point for something or other. So while we talked and I listened to his stuff, I tried pieces of paper out on my chalky yellow board. Again, the distraction of his art kept me from having to drown in my own, so I was at the periphery again. And it was fun letting him watch the process. I tried not to behave any differently then I would have otherwise. He'd toss words of encouragement from time to time. And though I couldn't see it because I was all up in my piece, I was actually making something.

This is the fourth or fifth direction for this piece, but I think I finally have a bite on the line. For now the working title will be "Outside", but that may change if a new title reveals itself. It's hard to say that I like or don't like these pieces I've been making—they're not easy images. I guess I feel like this is coming together right.

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