Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Title Change: "Bind, Bond"

I saw my good friend Anthony tonight. I brought all my canvases with me. He's good at listening and asking questions because it's part of his job. Our mutual friend Paul insisted that I should take my last piece to show him.

I had two-and-a-half hours of deep conversation with my friend about the artistic life. I revealed each piece in the order of creation, March, April, June. When I handed him the last, he hesitated, removed his glasses, wiped his eyes. It meant something to him—he saw the story he had written. And before I even revealed the title to him he said, "It's a bind and a bond." Yes, that was exactly right. So in that moment the piece got renamed. It is "Bind, Bond". It makes sense to me.

He said he'd buy it, but I'm not ready to part with these things. I suppose sometime I'll make too many pieces and I'll get tired of piling them up. Who knows?

I left smelling of incense and feeling like I had people who could hold my work in their heart. I am eternally grateful. Anthony, if you're listening... thank you.

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