Monday, November 24, 2008

My Favorite Hat Wearer

I don't care how she wears her hat, this little girl is my absolute favorite!

Please allow me to introduce my sweet little daughter, Adelaide. She was born on November 1st and weighed in at 5lbs, 5.2 oz.—so little. We're all doing really well on this end, but the new scheduling takes some getting used to.

She's already three weeks old. I wanted to tell you all about her sooner, but her decision to eat every three hours has kept me a little busy. It's amazing how I took my free time for granted. Seems that the simplest things take forever to get done.

She seems to be growing so much from day to day—I figured I'd grab this picture while I still could. It would have been amazing to see how easily she fit in the hat three weeks ago.

People say, "Oh, she's going to have the best hats!" The pressure is on! Hopefully I can get back to the studio soon and get to making her something special for that cute little noggin of hers.


Lauren Lamenza Naylor said...

SHe's beautiful Denise!!! OMG! Thank you for posting! hugs and kiss to you both! love, Lauren xo

ahva-rahn said...

Missy M absolutely loves this picture and vetoed my suggestion that we make a comment about early potty training; so I won't.

She's gorgeous,
Mr Paul & Missy M.

Jeff G said...

Congratulations Denise & Richard! She's super-sweet! lots of love, Jeff

Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

What a beautiful little girl!!! Congratulations!! And she looks so cute in the hat...