Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Hat for a Good Witch

I've mentioned in a couple of other postings that I have a client who commissions me to make hats for her. A few weeks back she asked me to make a witch hat for her Halloween costume. As usual, she was the perfect client—she gave me a few small guidelines and told me to do my stuff. I love that.

I was put on bed rest by my obstetrician, so I made the hat while laying on my living room floor. There were millinery supplies everywhere!

Here's a picture of the hat. Sorry that it's not the best quality—I couldn't get to the studio for a better picture.

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Torb and Reiner said...


I just saw your Blog. and I remembered thst you did a Wrokshop with me a few tears ago. I cannot rememeber where! Was it in Boston or CHicago???
Merry xmas
Waltraud REiner