Wednesday, October 01, 2008

ArtSpace Open Studios

This weekend is ArtSpace Maynard's annual open studio event. Come on by and see me, my hats, and the Denishé studio.

Unfortunately for me, my doctors have put me on bed rest. So I won't be able to help as much as I'd like to with the hats. Since I don't want to miss Open Studios, I will be sort of lounging in my studio. I will have two lovely assistants there to help me out, though.

There are about 75 artists in the building—lots of art to see. Come visit if you can.

I'm including an image of a hat that I'll be showing at the studio. Come try it on.

1 comment:

marginalia said...

Denise—a great blog. Do you mind if I list it on Word Collage?


P.S. We'll stop by and see you and your hats on Sat.