Thursday, February 23, 2012

Once Upon a Time

I finished my painting. What painting? The one I started back in June or July. The one that's been like a monkey on my back—Toss it? Finish it? In the end I decided that I couldn't throw it away, that I really did need to see it through. I'm glad I did.

This painting has struggled and searched to find its own meaning, and I have struggled right along with it. I've had good people in my life to help me work through it and offer advice. Now all that remains is the difficult task of mounting it and getting it framed. The brown background is not part of the piece—it's just the cork board holding it temporarily. So it's two pieces, with a 1.5" river between each side. Maybe I'll post another photo after I make the difficult framing decisions.

I wasn't sure about the title, and then one came to me. Then I forgot it. So for now, I'll just leave it with a loose title of "Once Upon a Time", and you can know that it might go by a different name by time it comes back from the framers.

Please feel free to leave comments. I always find them interesting.

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Bea said...

I like it I have to come see it. Love to just look at it and see what I see within your paintings