Friday, January 27, 2012

The Big Move: post 1

We are now exactly one month into the new move, and I have yet to report on any of it. It seems that every day we're still looking to put a pile of things away or figure out what to do with some large container or piece of equipment.

We moved from a 1,022 s.f. space (that included a storage room and a bathroom), to a 724 s.f. space (no storage, no bathroom). Let me tell you—those three-hundred square feet made a lot of difference. We had lots we needed to get rid of, and we needed to figure out how to store the piles of ugly things that we needed but didn't want to look at. On top of that, I needed to come to terms with that fact that I would no longer have my own sink to felt at—oh, how that hurts! Still, it beats the steam pipe leaks. By the time we moved out, we had already had six or seven for the start of cold-weather season, and it wasn't even officially winter yet. Let's hope the new tenants have better mojo than we did.

It seems like it's going to take me a long time to get this post done—my time is pretty limited. So, for some perspective, let me show you what my studio setup looked like when I started at ArtSpace back in 2004.

Pretty Humble beginnings, no? It was a start.

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