Tuesday, May 03, 2011

It's Sculpture Really

I hate having to remember famous peoples' names, but I'm looking into this one for you. Princess Beatrice. Everyone is talking about that one. Should I bother? Sure, why not?

Phillip Treacy is an amazingly talented milliner. His work often borders on sculpture, and can take a runway to a level unattainable by the clothes alone. He made Beatrice's hat.

Look at it as an object—it is a lovely little thing. Personally, I don't like hats that are designed to sit in the center of the forehead—they draw too much attention to the hat and not enough to the wearer. But the shape is extraordinary in its perfection, and Treacy can get away with making that kind of art-headwear.

Beatrice made a mistake in not wearing her hair up—having it down made her look less polished than this very polished work of millinery. Picture it. I think the scale is off—it needs to be about 15% smaller. Her severe features are accentuated by the crisp edges of the hat—something softer would have been better. Also, I'm imagining this "cameo" shape on the back of her head rather than the front—that might have eased the look.

Me?, I'd love a chance to wear this hat in public—it's kind of fun to watch people freak out, and that's just what everyone is doing. She's in the headlines. She'll be interviewed. Phillip Treacy had a willing canvas to sport one of his more-challenging designs, so he went with it. Even bad publicity is publicity.


Aimeé said...

I just think it's too much for her. Maybe Aretha could have pulled it of, but Princess Beatrice just can't.

Here's a cool hat that was inspired by the royal wedding:

Amanda said...

For me, it wasn't the hat so much as the entire atrocious ensemble! The dress/coat was shapeless and frumpy and ill-fitting, and Silly Putty is not a good color for anyone that I know... In another color, or should I say, I A color, the hat would have been spectacular.

And yes, her hair should have been up.

Rebecca MacNeill said...

I totally agree about her hair.