Monday, May 23, 2011

Denishé at the Royal Wedding?!

Well, my hats didn't exactly make it to the official Royal Wedding, but a good customer (and friend) had a royal-wedding party, and she took my hats along. She was gracious enough to send me a photo.

I can't take credit for the hat in the middle, but the two on the ends are Denishé hats.

The merry makers got up early, wore white gloves, ate scones with clotted cream, and even had a small figurine of the Queen Mum present. Sadly, the Queen did not survive the festivities very well—her head was accidentally knocked off in the excitement of the moment. Perhaps that's a sign of good luck?

Did anyone else out there wear a Denishé hats to witness the event? If so, send along pictures.

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