Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Such Thing as Mistakes: 2

When I left the studio last night, this is what the collage looked like.

Parts that I thought were important are disappearing. Things that didn't seem to mean anything are deciding to announce their presence. I went to this piece thinking I had nothing, and now it's telling me all kinds of stories.

I was liking the top portion, but the bottom portion was feeling a little disconnected. I started fixing that this afternoon. Oh, and I have to admit, I'm doing this as a total hack—I'm using really old acrylics that I had been thinking about FreeCycling, but thought they might be a lost cause. I use only one brush for paint (I use another for the Mod Podge—that's right Mod Podge!—that I'm using). I also have a bad habit of not changing my water as it gets junky—superstition maybe. You're not getting any apologies from me.

Funny for my studio-mate—he hasn't really seen this side of me, but he announced that it was "totally creepy and really great all at the same time," or something like that. I have to agree—it's totally creepy. And I love it.

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