Friday, March 04, 2011

Learning to Rewrap my Head

A good customer-turned-friend came to me with a challenge—teach her how to wrap her head. Now, I'm not really known for head wrapping. That is to say, I don't sell scarves, and rarely do I wear a headscarf these days. I did, however, back in my lazy college days, wrap my head in fabric to avoid having to style it—yup, I was la-zy.

My friend's needs are more pressing—she's going to lose her hair. The good thing is that she already loves to wear hats—heck, she loves to wear any stylish accessory. And she wears everything so boldly that I wasn't surprised when she came to me speaking of African head wrapping. The visit to the studio went well. We laughed as we tied.

During the visit, I recalled speaking to a woman who had approached me at a show. We were talking head-covering because she happened to work with chemo patients. She explained a technique to me in which you use part of an old T-shirt as a wrap. It sounded great, but I never got around to trying it.

Back in my studio I had one T-shirt—kept there in the event that I needed a shirt change. I grabbed it and cut it as I was told to—straight across below the sleeves. We proceeded to work a little with it. It wasn't a great solution for someone who really adores adornment, but it would help in a pinch.

After my friend left, I picked it up again. I put it on and sat with it for a little while. Then the answer came to me—it needed a little filling out. Then it was just right. If you can find a T-shirt with an interesting pattern, even better. Pair this with a pair of big earrings and a bold necklace, and suddenly you're wearing it and looking like a queen.

I decided I'd make a video of how I put it on, both to show my friend and to have as a resource to anyone else out there who might find themselves in a similar situation. You'll have to forgive my appearance—it was nighttime and I was already in my pajamas. (Let me just add how much I hate seeing myself in videos.)


Lauren said...

Love this - love you! You are so creative and sweet. Loved the little wink at the end ;-)

Aimee said...

You're awesome. That is all.