Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dream One: The hat continues...

A few posts back I mentioned that I dreamed of a very cool hat, and that I was going to try to make it. Immediately I built the foundation for it, then applied the felt to it. But after that, it kind of fizzled for a bit. Yesterday, though, I took pity on the poor, little thing and began making the tentacle pieces.

I'm not sure what kept me from working on it, but I just couldn't. I had a little extra time yesterday as I waited for some clients to come in for a visit (that will be another post I'm sure). So, I started working on it. I'm really glad I did—the hat is going to be great.

All of that makes me think of one of my favorite pastimes—travel sketching. It took a while, but I learned not to abandon a project. Sometimes some of the stuff that seemed like pure garbage at the beginning turned out to be some of my favorite work by the end.

Don't give up.

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