Saturday, January 15, 2011

Some Fun in the Studio

In January I had three women come visit me in the studio. They tried on hats while I worked with another (very good) customer of mine. The studio was filled with laughter and the Polish language while they busied themselves putting things on their heads.

I was glad that they were patient enough to wait for me because I could see that they couldn't quite figure some of the hats out—as is often the case. But once I was free, I set all the hats right and we went about trying bunches all over again.

I love having groups of women in my studio. For me, they are my focus groups—I get to see where hats may need adjustments, whether or not they're comfortable, or whether or not they're nailing my idea. The women?—they get to see the possibilities. They get to see themselves in a whole new light.

Thank you to these three lovely women who made my day.

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amysue said...

I truly love my new hat (not sure what to call it) and it is as versatile as I thought. I'll get pictures to you soon, although I did post a couple on FB>