Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paradise is Paradise

This weekend is Paradise City Marlborough. It has been a great show so far. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I'm in a prime spot just opposite the visitor entrance. Still, I had a similar location a few years ago and I can't say that I did as well.

The crowds seem to be interested in opening their wallets. I get a sense that it's an attempt, in these tough economic times, for people to really keep their money local and to buy things that mean a lot to them.

I've been having a lot of fun. I consider part of what I do to be a service—to entertain people with the idea of hats, to make them see themselves in a whole new way, and to squash the idea of "I just don't look good in hats". Selling to a person who would have never considered themselves a hat wearer is something I take great joy in.

I find it particularly rewarding when people reach beyond ordinary, pick up one of my "more challenging hats", and join me in the land of possibilities. One such person today was Barbara. Barbara never met a hat that didn't like her, and my edgy hats just ate her up. Isn't she amazing in this Component Hat? She was such a delight, and I'm sure we'll meet again.

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