Wednesday, November 24, 2010

December Commission #1

I have a two-part commission going on in the studio. A young woman named Sarah has asked me to make two hand-sculpted berets for her to give as gifts.

In talking to people about work they'd like commissioned I find that it's more helpful if they talk loosely about what they want rather than give me specifics. The first allows me to be the creative person that I am, and therefore a more inspired hat is created. The second is more like production work and doesn't require much thought on my part.

Sarah came to me and gave me a style to work with—she liked something I had, but it wasn't exactly what she wanted. The good thing is that she's not a very visual person, so she had to talk about the likes of her mother and her aunt using lots of words, describing their personalities and their wardrobes. So we had a kind of conversation about it all that left me feeling good.

I'm plugging away at them in the studio. They're destined for not-so-distant and really-distant places. One will go to New Jersey and the other to Korea. I'm off to the studio to work on them some more.

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