Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day two of Paradise City Marlborough

The show has been good so far. I've met many people
and have had many chances to "play" with some who
have been nice enough to let me put hats on them.
I still get really surprised when people say, "I'll
take it." It's especially so when the hats are what
I consider to be "more challenging" (really get
attention or are strange in some way).

I'm especially appreciative to my Mom. She came out
to help me sell. She's such a good mom. It's helpful
to have her, too—when people say something about me
being able to wear hats because I'm younger than they
are I just point to my mom. They have to agree that
she looks good in the little hats, too.

There are so many wonderful things to see at the show
that I almost want to call friends individually and
tell them to stop in and see such-and-such artist.
There's just no time to do that.

I met a group of amazing young people today—two girls
and a boy, all under the age of fourteen. Not only
were they sweet and polite, but they were very nice
about being gentle with my hats. I love sharing them
with young people because they don't really have much
experience with hats. Anyway, these kids were just
lovely. I'll try to post a photo or two that I took
of them in my next posting.

If you're in the Marlborough, Massachusetts area
tomorrow it's the last day of the show and worth
a visit. Hope to see you.

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