Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back at the studio... sniffle, sniffle

Well, I'm back at the studio after several days (and a wasted long weekend) with a cold that has turned into an upper respiratory infection. The sad part is that I was feeling so creative last week. This week I'm dragging.

On another note, if you like that black and white picture of me that I use for my profile, it was taken by a local photographer who also has a studio at ArtSpace Maynard. Susan Huszar does really great intimate black and white photography. She's also great to work with.


ahvarahn said...

I will resist looking at flasher Ivan. Bleh.

Welcome to blogger; I look forward to the diary and world according to my favourite milliner, keeping things all millinetic of course, if there is such a word. My Life as a hat. Perhaps we might be treated to pictures of the craft in progress?

I’m off to find my drum, and when I find it, I’ll do a few parradiddles to drum up some extra traffic to the hat blog.

Be lucky,

PhantomMinuet said...

Those are gorgeous photographs. There is somthing so elegant about a B/W photo.

Jeff G said...

Beautiful photos QD – your toes are showing! Great to see your blog!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Yippie! Another hat blog! I love your work, and your collection. I especially love that you are not timid about veils. I noticed the runway showed more veils this season. Perhaps more will grasp the beauty of veils.

Thank you for starting your blog. I do hope you feel better soon, and continue to post as you can. I will be including a link to your showcase on my blog tomorrow. Hope you approve of the publicity!

jennifer said...

Looks great!
Do you have a flickr page? I'll put you on my contacts list...