Friday, July 08, 2011

The Brown Hat: on my head

I released the brown hat from its block last night. Here's a picture of it on my head. I don't really like pictures of myself, so bear with me. I love the hat though, and set about making a couple more sculpted pieces last night. We'll go to the studio in a bit to see if I managed to make anything worth wearing.

These remind me of little sculptures I used to make out of Sculpee when I was living with my then-boyfriend-now-husband one summer back when we were in college. I didn't know what I was making, or why I was making it, but I loved the shapes, the folds, and the shadows. Sadly, I don't have any of them left. They each would have fit in the palm of my hand. I remember painting then, too. My best friend from college still has a painting I did of some Peonies(back then they just looked like really big roses to me).

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Denishé Hats said...

My daughter says this looks like ice cream.