Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The One Place to See in Maynard???

Fox TV Zip Trip is coming to Maynard on Friday July 30th, 5-9AM. They want to know which place in town (01754) is a definite must to visit. If you think the Denishé studio is worth note you can vote me in for the "place to see".


Every Inch said...

I would LOVE to vote you in and get a chance to see more of what you're about! When going to the Zip Trip page, where can I tell them exactly to go, not having been to your studio?

"you should definitely check out the studio space of Denishe Hats at..."


Denishe said...

You'd tell them to go see the Milliner at ArtSpace Maynard. That should be enough. Thanks for the support!

I love the knitted veggies. They seem like they'd be a good fit for Boston's Bizarre Bazaar. We should e-mail offline—maybe you'd want to do our holiday sale?