Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Where are all the men in hats?

Don't you worry—they're coming!

Often when I'm out wearing a hat, older gentlemen will come up to me and whisper, "I wish women would wear more hats." I usually agree with them and then add that I wish men would do the same. Most men over forty-five have a hard time with wearing hats—it's an emotional thing, something they associate with their fathers. And fathers are old, right? They don't want to be old.

Well, I'm hear to tell you that the fashion of men wearing hats is happily on its way back. I'm not talking about baseball caps or knit hats, I'm talking about the real thing—hats with brims, fedoras, trilbies, all the good ones.

While traveling in Europe last year I saw several younger men wearing stylish head wear. The word "saw" is key in that sentence—I wouldn't have seen those men if they hadn't been wearing hats. They would have just belonged to the great sea of bodies that were at the beach or walking through the airport. But I saw them. Some part of me wanted to walk up to each of them and shake their hands, let them know that they looked good. Another part of me wanted to find out where they bought them—nice mens hats can seem so hard to come by these days. In the end, I stayed away—you can't just go walking up to strange men in the airport and telling them you like their style. I doubt they're tuning in here, but let me just say it for the record—gentlemen, you looked fantastic.

So men, young and old alike, go into your grandfather's or father's closet, go to a hat shop, go to a flea market, buy one on ebay—go get your hat on! It's time.


Jeff G said...

I'm inspired to go hat shopping now... thanks for this!

vintage coke hat said...

Yeah I'm inspired too... Thanks.

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