Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paradise City was fantastic!

I have to say that I think Paradise City's spring Marlborough show was the best I've ever had! Maybe it was the good weather that we had—people were in a great mood. Or maybe it was because I was by myself—I usually have help. Being by myself meant that I spoke to nearly everyone who came by my booth (if I got the chance). Sure, it meant that I didn't get any restroom breaks and had to eat on the fly, but it was worth it.

I had so much fun with people. Some were gracious enough to allow me to photograph them to post to my blog. The little girl above is Isabella, and what a cutie! She certainly didn't hurt my business by donning my double-pigtail hat! And I managed to get this handsome couple into my space to talk about our mutual love of hats. Raqim bought his wife Debora this wonderful dish hat. He wore the orange fedora for this photo because we decided he couldn't be seen in his 'non-hat' (a.k.a. baseball cap). Both promised to send me photos of their college-aged son, who is also a hat wearer. The nicest thing was that when they walked away, I saw Debora give her husband the sweetest thank you kiss. It made me feel really good deep down in my heart.

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